The Golden Chariot - Luxurious Train in India

Golden chariot is an Indian Luxury Train which was named after the renowned stone chariot in Hampi, the glorious capital of Vijayanagara Empire which is now a World Heritage Site. As a combined and luxurious venture of Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation and Indian railways, The Golden Chariot is the first of its kind to leave the golden trail of its expeditions in South India.

The Golden Chariotís- Luxurious Train in India provide royal comfort luxury appointed sleeping cabins, dining rooms, and relaxation facilities, security and elegance with a perfect combination of old-world ambience and 21st century convenience. The grandeur of every little thing in the Indian luxury train will render you speechless with awe. It is like being back in the times when India was nothing but a bunch of little but glorious princely states. And you are going to experience what life must have been for the kings and queens at that time for the chariot is designed as closely as possible to resemble the majestic lifestyles of those days. Surrender yourself to the charisma of ancient townships, mesmerizing architectural designs and exotic natural landscapes with India luxury train journey.

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